From Meadows to Minefields.

You amaze me,
In the way your mind will lie;
How I can see right through it all,
And you don’t even try.

It’s astounding,
How you don’t know what to think;
How the future of your world,
Is behind the words you speak.

So clueless to your life,
To all that’s meant to be;
I can see it in your eyes,
The thoughts of being free.

If but for a moment,
You would let the birds sing;
Take a second in time,
Just step back, and believe.

If you opened your eyes,
You’d see the world at your feet;
Waiting for your fall,
Expecting a leap.

So just take a look,
Into the unknown;
Removing all the weeds,
From the place you have grown.

December 19, 2010
2:09 am
Brittany Rose


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