We Are Shaken.

You are human. With flesh encasing your bones, air in your lungs, and a voice with deep tones. You have blood, flowing through your veins, ears for the sounds, and nerves for the pain. You have a heart that’s been broken, eyes for the sights, and a mouth for the spoken. Look down, you have two hands to be held, two feet to journey, and bruises where you fell. You are human. Hurt like us all, we look up, trip, and we fall. To the ground we are taken, overthrown by the world, by the pain — we are shaken. We scatter in chaos, to look for a star; we are weaving, in and out of life, finding who we are. It’s a never-ending road, patches of light, but darkness being known.

December 15 and 19, 2010
6:56 pm
Brittany Rose


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