Intricate Love

I formed you,
In the silence of your mother’s womb,
But long before then,
I recognized the consequence of sin.

I knew the price to be paid —
Death and all of its pain —
But you my child,
Were worth all to be reconciled.

I knew you’d turn away,
Refuse my love and curse my name,
But my love was so great
That my death became fate.

My arms have never stopped reaching,
And, for you, my heart’s never stopped beating.
I’ve seen the tears you’ve cried,
And I’ve watched you contemplate life.

It broke my heart,
To see these wall from the start,
And to see you walk away,
When I’m screaming your name.

I died
To give you life,
And I’m here waiting,
For me to be worth chasing.

April 5, 2011
4:44 pm
Brittany Rose


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