Back to the Beginning.

Faith will bleed through pores,
Overflow and flood the floors;
Raise a dead man from the grave,
Give a life and keep the change.
Everything you ever knew,
Tells us stories yet to prove.
Every ship you’ve set to sail,
Ventures on to gates of hell.
Echoes of the children’s cries —
Remnants of your petty lies.
Yesterday you promised love;
Today you’ve shown you’re not enough.
Haughty in your “helpful” words,
Ideas spin with all that’s heard.
Nothing ever goes as planned,
Giving gifts of golden sand.

April 19, 2011
9:54 am
Brittany Rose

Writer’s Note: This is my first acrostic poem (yay for that), so from here on out, be on the lookout for more. Keep in mind that most of them will not be announced. Just a bit of information that I thought you would enjoy knowing; it will give you even more of an insight to some of my work.

PS: As always, I am appreciative of every read!


8 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning.

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