Seven Seconds

Just give me seven seconds to change your mind. With one, I’ll kiss your brain and remind you of the good times. With two, I’ll take your hand and look into your eyes. At the moment of the third, I’ll refer you to our favorite night: the night we confessed things we locked up inside. With the fourth before our toes, I’ll whisper in your ear; the words I’ll choose to speak are just for you to hear. With five, I’ll tell you of my love for you, and that no matter how things may seem, your name I’d still choose. The sixth second will be of silence, as I choke back the tears of the years we spent. At last with seven, I’ll hold you and ask you to stay here with me, and with everything I have, I’ll fight for your love to keep.

September 30, 2011
5:50 pm
Brittany Rose


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