365 Days of Poetry

I have decided to participate in 365 Days of Poetry!

What is it? — 365 Days of Poetry is pretty much a motivator for my writing. I am required to post at least one line of poetry a day, for an entire year. Sounds fun, no?

How will I know what post is dedicated to 365DoP? — Every title that belongs to this year of poetry will be marked as such. Unless I think of something better, it will probably be something like “365 Days of Poetry – Day # – Title of post (if there is one)”.

Do you want to hear my input, even if it is just one line of poetry? — Absolutely! The only time I don’t want your literary input is if I am drowning at the bottom of the ocean. At that time I will request your life-saving input.

Are you doing this just to gain more readers? — I am partially hoping to gain more followers with this, yes, but that was not the driving force for coming up with this. No, the main reason is for an accountability for writing every day.  (:

What can I do? –– 1) If you aren’t a following already, you can always subscribe, in return making my heart happy. 2) You can share my blog/what I’m doing with your friends! Facebook-it up, no? 3) Get involved! If you are a fellow writer, start your own 365 Days of Poetry. If not, let me know what you are thinking when you read what I have to say. (: If you haven’t caught on by now, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! lol

When will this start? — I am starting 365 Days of Poetry on the first of November, so that would be tomorrow. (:

Now, here is my farewell, and my deepest hopes that I have something decent to write for my first day of 365DoP. Thanks for stopping by! 😛


2 thoughts on “365 Days of Poetry

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