365 Days of Poetry — Day 5

Gentle whispers from the deep,
Form their words so daunting; further and further they seep.
Into the ears of flawless young,
They dance and make their ever-growing presence known.
So enticing is their scent, feel, and sight;
Alas their sound is so impatient yet polite.
The shadows seem so good and kind;
They appear so beautiful, and no evil dares to enter the mind.

Closer and closer they come;
With their floating bodies their empty spirits run.
Seeking new grounds and passionate seeds,
They creep their way inside: so easy not to see.
Counterfeit thoughts and ideas grow,
The body now only a puppet to ebb and flow.
No longer so pure, an imp put in its place,
The transformation now finished before the morning wake.

– Brittany Rose


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