365 Days of Poetry — Day 89

All that is within you is complete.
You are and always have been the best.
You were and forever will be right.
All a dream, all but the words that they spake.
You are alone in your mind so frantic.
All is normal, just realize and be.

-Brittany Rose

This is a sort of odd one, I must admit — raw — rather. Believe it or not, when I am first writing for the day, this is how I start out. Usually I simply begin to list words that are running wild in my head, and then, sooner or later, I am calm enough to write what makes sense to all of you: my readers. I suppose posting this was just a way to let you guys into my writing process. It isn’t clean and polished to begin; no, it is more like learning how to speak all over again: broken and hard to understand.


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