This girls is stoked!

Here I am, killing time in the library with twenty minutes before my next class, and I am stoked because we are beginning our study of poetry! Wootcakes! Oh yea, as if English couldn’t get any more exciting. 😛 So, this girl is in a super good mood. I am anxious to see how my skills and knowledge improve of the next couple of weeks. We shall have to wait and see!

Ramble over.

Stay awesome,
Brittany Rose


3 thoughts on “This girls is stoked!

  1. i had to look up … in the Urban Dictionary:

    The term wootcakes commonly spelled like w00t with two zeroes instead of “O”. This term is to exclaim great happyness such as the word w00t but with a more happy inflection and usually puts the user is in a good mood.

    i was thinking whoopie pie 🙂

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