365 Days of Poetry — Day 94

Sometimes in my dreams, I fall into the dark;
I leave the world — hard and bare — in search of a simple spark.
There, no splinters find my hands and feet,
And climbing to my goals, is filled with foreign ease.
There I find my crystal stair;
It stands within the darkness, neither desolate or bare.

– Brittany Rose
(In response to “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes)

As I mentioned in a previous post, this was actually an assignment for my college English course. We had spent most of the class period reading different works of poetry, mostly by Langston Hughes, but nearing the end, my professor requested what she called “soul speak”. We took key words (ie. crystal stair, dark, fall, bare, splinter, climbin’, etc.) and formed our own poetry with the lead line of “Sometimes in my dreams…”. It was probably the most fun that I have had this semester! It was also pretty cool getting to share my response with the class, even-though sharing via internet is much less nerve-wrecking. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed it, and keep an eye out for another “soul speak” that I had to do for yesterday’s quiz. (: 

PS: This is East Coast Insomnia’s 200th post! Help me celebrate by sharing the word? And remember, I never would have made it this far without you, my amazing readers. (: Thank you for all of your continues support!


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