Who knew?…

Who knew that I could write spoken word? Okay, that is misleading. Several people, including myself (duh), have known for quite a while that I can write spoken word. But who knew that I was good at it? Well, that probably includes anyone else but me. Oh, that ended tonight — this morning, rather — for I just wrote awesomeness.

It is pure, raw, and it drips from my mouth with ease. It is real.

I am hoping to record it some time this week, but we shall see. And hey, if I’m feeling really awesome, I may even share it with you guys! But for now, I just had to inform someone of how excited I am. I feel like…maybe I have the right to be proud of what I write? Finally? Maybe? We’ll see. (:

You’ll hear from me soon, I promise.

– Brittany Rose


3 thoughts on “Who knew?…

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