Writing from Inspiration: Dreams

Most, if not all, artists have their inspiration, whether it is another form of art, family, their children, nature, space, the busy city streets, etc. I am led to believe that true artists are inspired by many different things, but all of us are inspired by something. This can come from emotions, such as happiness or the pain of separation, or physical pain or pleasure. The amount of things that can inspire are endless.

My newest discovery is the inspiration of dreams, as you can see by yesterday’s post. I am a vivid dreamer and have been for as long as I am able to remember, so vivid, in fact, that impacting dreams can affect my entire day with an “off” or disturbing feeling. This feeling could rarely be over-ridden or forgotten until I fell into solace: more dreams. I am hoping that this is no longer the case. Why, you may ask? I had this idea, yesterday, that I could take that confusion, that off-feeling, that disturbance and use it as inspiration, just as I use the disturbances of the world outside my dreams. You know what? It creates a very unique, almost intimate writing experience, because the poem isn’t foreign or new, no, it has been rehearsed and built up through hours of restless slumber. It has been waiting to be touched and brought back to life. It was only waiting to be written.

So, if you share the burden of vivid dreams, either bad or good, I encourage you to transform them into inspiration for whatever art you create. Even if you are weary of the idea, I suggest just giving it a try. If you do follow this advice, I would love to hear/see anything that comes of it!

Contact me any time, lovelies,
Brittany Rose


2 thoughts on “Writing from Inspiration: Dreams

  1. Well yeah, lots of great ideas came from dreams, but that’s not where, my best ones, for example, came to me while i was jogging or when i listen to music… all that have one thing in common, the subconscious, When we dream, or lose our self, we give our subconscious a chance to think, best ideas comes from the subconscious, since the conscious is too busy with our reality.

    Glad i stepped by 🙂

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