Hey readers, check out this awesome photography from my boyfriend, David! He just recently started his own blog for this kind of stuff, and if you’re into photography, you should totally check out some of his work. While he is new at it, I promise you that his work is both promising and consistent.

Also, if you have enjoyed looking at any of these pictures or have any constructive criticism for him, feel free to let him know! I know that he would love to hear from you!

PS: I am working on finals today, but I promise a poem to you by the end of the night.

Mucho lovo,
Brittany Rose ❤

Lesser Photography

So last night I decided to venture out around 2am and do some light graffiti. If you don’t know what that is, it’s simply when you have the shutter on your camera open long enough for you to “paint” something with a light in front of the camera. This was my first experience and I must say it is quite fun! I have a ways to go before getting it down pat though, that’s for sure. Below are some of my shots and as you can see it’s rough to keep the picture quality high and to keep the light from not looking like a child’s finger painting. But oh well! I’m sure I’ll post some more of these again soon. 🙂

P.S: There are some effects on a couple of the photos, like selective saturation and what not.

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