365 Days of Poetry — Day 113 — Beauty

Made of simple lines;
thrown about in perfect time;
dripping with style
and colors so fading; and the while,
everything is so — real.

With eyes shut,
beauty all made up,
she fades in to the world behind.
Delicate and frail,
adorned and left so pale:

– Brittany Rose

Inspiration: “Abstractions Aside” by Leigh Viner

Music: “Paris”, “Pachad”, and “New Soul” by Yael Naim

Author’s Notes: This poem is actually quite special to me. I can’t really explain why or how this piece of art affects me, but it most certainly does. I really don’t feel like I did it justice, but hey, maybe that feeling of being incomplete will just ooze on over to another poem! (; We shall see. Anyway though, this probably won’t be the last time that I share some Leigh Viner inspired work. I hope you enjoyed!



One thought on “365 Days of Poetry — Day 113 — Beauty

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