Whoever said summer was easy…

…was wrong!

One reason that you guys haven’t heard much from me is that I have been so busy trying to get everything worked out for my next semester of college (fall). What’s so stressful about that? Well, I have spent my summer (up to this point) figuring out my scholastic future: from learning that I have to transfer schools, to figuring out the new schools system and steps for doing things — it’s been a little stressful. Heck, just figuring out the new school’s website has been a trip! I’m pretty sure that I have everything on its way to being completed, but hey, there is no telling.

So, whoever said that summer was supposed to be relaxing and worry free obviously missed my life! Hopefully I will be able to chill after too long, but not too much; I still need a job. Which brings me to the face that I’ve pretty much come to realize that my opportunity for absolute freedom ended the summer after I finished high school. Two cheers for high education: hip hip hurrah…hip..hip…oh never mind.

Here’s to hoping that you are having a wonderful/relaxing summer, because one of us needs to!

– Brittany Rose


4 thoughts on “Whoever said summer was easy…

  1. I hope things will go well with you in your new school… and summer was never relaxing for three years (working in faculty clinics)… but being stressful means your doing something, you are filling up your life… so try to look at it from this angle… and if not…hey, winter will show up eventually 🙂
    have a good life

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