365 Days of Poetry — Day 124

If this is the war in which we rage, then I want no part of this petty act on stage.

– Brittany Rose

Author’s Notes: One-liners may seem as a cop-out to some, however, sometimes they can be more powerful than numerous stanzas. It isn’t about the length of a poem, it is about the quality and ability to impact. Think about it, this simple line can relate to so much: petty arguments, torn relationships, religious acts that taint true Christianity, politics and their hidden agendas, dramatic beings who feel as though petty stabs will bring them fame, etc. 

So, instead of viewing these one lines as a quick getaway-of-a-post, really ponder as to why they are left as they are. If it isn’t lack of talent (which can be shown by other pieces in depth and ability to construct poetry), than what more could it be? Could it be that one line accomplishes the point more profoundly than many stanzas ever could? 


2 thoughts on “365 Days of Poetry — Day 124

  1. Its like what you said… the quality and ability to impact… same things with novels.
    So many authors concentrate on filling the pages than to give us quality reading… that simple line left an impact on me more than what filled an entire page.

    Best regards,

    A. H. Amin

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