Black and White Film (Finally) Pt.1

Black and White Film (Finally) Pt.1.

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Hey there, readers! I know that this isn’t poetry, like you would expect, but I am a firm believer in all of the arts, especially when they are the works of my significant other! (; Anyway, D is new in the world of photography, but he has amazing potential, and is quite talented. I just wanted to share the first post of his series on black and white film photography (there is a word for film photography that he uses, something like lemography, maybe? Or maybe that is too much like lemons — who knows, Google it if you wish). He has finished the 4-part series, as of yesterday, and so I would also like to encourage you to check out the rest!

If you enjoy his work, or are just interested in some of his other photography accomplishments, including digital, feel free to look through the rest of his blog! I know that he would love to hear from anyone who has comments or tips to give. (:

Thanks for your support here, as well as your support to all of the arts. You guys rock those shnazzy socks!

– Brittany Rose


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