365 Days of Poetry — Day 125

Worship: a simple word, two syllables, and still it is a word unique to the one who utters the word. Minds race to the thoughts of churches and temples; to the visions of singing and praying; to the actions of arm-raising and knee kneeling. For me, one word comes to mind, one image, and one verb: surrender.

– Brittany


3 thoughts on “365 Days of Poetry — Day 125

  1. I’m a man of faith my self… so surrender won’t digest well for me πŸ™‚
    For me its like a time off from our world, once you have it, your moment with what you believe, you’ll regain balance in your other aspect… and that is a very crucial part of our lives, meditating, seeing or selves through another eye. It helps to realize what’s wrong and what to do.

    But I do agree in a way of what’s between your words, the enforcement of a religion, is always a bad concept from every religion… i know that because mine is the worse.

    Best regards

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