I forget.

Sometimes I forget that I am able to post whatever I want on here.

I have heard that this can be a common problem for bloggers: where they get so fastened in with schedules, deadlines, and creativity, that they forget what makes it a personal blog.

Unless I have missed something, you guys aren’t following me because of my punctuality (because we all know I fail at that). You don’t keep coming back because I offer the best poetry on the web. No, you guys (at least I think) keep coming back because of who I am as a writer and a person. I’m not saying that I am the most interesting person in the world, obviously, but I have to believe to some extent that my personality contributes to your return. Whether it shows up in my poetry or simple posts like this, it takes more than just words to speak to an audience — in any mode of communication.

With that said, I go back to what I stated previously: I sometimes forget all of that. It’s almost as though I have this thought that says “if you post something that is random and doesn’t rhyme, they’re going to stop reading.” So, I am going to try to add in more bits of myself. Whether it just be an update on my day or my life, I am going to try.

– Brittany Rose

PS: Why do you follow ECI? Even if it is the complete opposite of what I think, I would really like to know! Please feel free to leave me a comment as to what draws you to these posts.

Thanks again for all of your support!


4 thoughts on “I forget.

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I was recentley in social media training and had a task to write a blog. Three out of five wrote a blog on how hard it is to write a blog with most of the difficulties being the timing and having so much to choose from. So maybe if we wern’t able to write whatever the hell we want it would be a whole lot easier!

  2. I once quoted one of your poems in a blog post of mine. But what keeps me coming back to the East Coast is your writing. It doesn’t matter if its written or spoken poetry or just a quick blurb about your crazy busy day, I’m interested in your world. So you see, you are the most interesting person in your world, because no one tells your story quite like you do.

    Timing & topics always need to find balance when it comes to writing & blogging as a whole. It took me a while to realize that I really could post whatever I wanted whenever I felt like it. You don’t have to be pigeonholed at all hun.

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