Check out the new East Coast!

As you guys should have noticed by now (unless you are using a mobile app, then you are excused), East Coast Insomnia has been revamped with a fresh new style! This girl is extremely picky with themes, hence why it was the same for so long. However, I finally found one that I loved when I added a creative new background. (:

This theme is called “Forever” by Automatic, just in case you want to make it your own. One thing that was a complete selling point for this theme is that you are not just able to change the title color, but you are also able to change the color of the links! This means that I should be able to use this same theme with different backgrounds without any problem at all! Woohoo!

I think we’ve found a winner (at least for a while), no? What do you guys think of the new look?

Talk to me,
Brittany Rose

PS: before you ruffle your feathers about the background, be sure to check out the “Disclaimer” tab at the top of the blog; I don’t own any of these photos, lovey!


2 thoughts on “Check out the new East Coast!

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