Book Review: The 3 A.M. Epiphany by Brian Kiteley

I completely adore this book! In fact, it is probably my best purchase in a long while. As stated on the cover, it is “uncommon writing exercises that transform your fiction.” It definitely is just that.

This book offers 201 writing exercises that challenge you to not only be creative, but to break out of your normal box of tricks. I have barely made a dent in the book but I am already in love. For an example of the challenges that it puts before you, I will share the instructions of exercise 2:

Imperative. Write a fragment of a story that is made up entirely of imperative commands: Do this; do that; contemplate the rear end of the woman who is walking out of your life. This exercise will be a sort of second-person narration ( a you is implied in the imperative). 500 words

Crazy, right?! 500 words of imperative sentences. At first it was a little daunting, but after I got going it was so much fun! I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious about writing and wishes to improve their own skills, for sure.

Stay awesome,
Brittany Rose


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