Why it’s good to be a twin:

Okay, so, biologically, I don’t really have a twin, however, this is referring to someone who shares my first name, as well as a lot of the same views and personality. I hadn’t been able to see her for two years and last night we were finally able to catch up over some coffee. What a better way to converse, eh? (:

I guess I just kind of forgot what it was like to just chill and talk freely with something who gets who I am. So, Brit, if you’re reading, thanks for the time. While it was short and much overdo, it was greatly appreciated. (:

This is my Clay Aiken cup from the coffee shop we went to, Bewtopia. lol

As for my lovely readers, you will probably hear from me tomorrow with some poetry; after all, I’ll have a 3 hour flight to scramble something up! Stay tuned, regardless! Also, if you have missed any of this week’s posts, feel free to play catch up while you wait!

Thanks for stopping by,
Brittany Rose


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