Faux Fur


As you might have already noticed, today I changed the background for East Coast Insomnia! I know several others who felt that the previous background didn’t fit the theme of the blog, and while I loved it, I ultimately had to agree. Since that point I have been on the hunt for something that worked. Lo and behold, Dave and I spent some time on the beach in July and, while pier walking, I snapped a few shots of the skyline. Guess what? One of those very shots is now part of the look for East Coast Insomnia! xD

Here is the original photo, without being blocked by the meat and potatoes that I call posts:

Please do not take or use this photo without my permission or by giving direct credit to me (my blog). Thank you.

So peeps, what do you think of the new change?!

– Brittany Rose

PS: Don’t forget to read the caption on the photo. I am all for sharing the arts as long as credit is given. Ask before using. 

PPS: I have no idea what faux fur has to do with having a new background. I just started thinking about clothes, since the background is sort of a blog’s trendy threads, and then conversations in ghetto laced speech, referring to the topic of fashion, just popped into my head. Apparently faux fur then followed next. Welcome to my brain, thank you for your ticket, and enjoy the show.





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