To writers and artists alike:


Do you hoard inspiration like I do? More specifically, are there items that you keep (in folders, binders, files, drives, on tables, in desks, etc.) that are filled with potential inspiration? When you first see the item you think immediately that it is something that you can use to create, only to realize that its true potential cannot be reached until your art decides its time? Am I sounding crazy yet?

I am aware that not everyone will understand this feeling. I am aware that not everyone is (or considers themselves to be) an artist. I am aware that we don’t exactly construct things in an always sensible fashion, and that this seems border-line insane. It works, however. Not only that, but inspiration is dormant at times, just waiting for the right day, moment, or time to let go.

For example, here are a few pieces of inspiration that are just haunting me to write. They haunt me, and yet, I am not yet quite able to fulfill their deepest potential…

So back to my original question, to the artists out there, does anyone else do this seemingly mad ritual?

– Brittany Rose



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