I journaled last night.

Image found on Pinterest: Artist Unknown

First things first, I realize that “journaled” isn’t a word. I guess this means that I should have written “I wrote in my journal last night”, however, that is too vague. I always write in my journal. Hello, I’m a writer, where else am I going to write? The use of the word “journaled” is different, though. It is different because that’s exactly what I did. Yes, I know, “Big whoop, Brittany…” but it is more than that. You see, journaling (another nonexistent word) is what I like to call the floodgates to my writing. It gets out the crappy “these are my daily thoughts” type words. It clears the rising feeling to write a poem about how much I hate feeling mayonnaise on my hands all day at work. It blows away any notion to write about how much my feet hurt after a closing shift. So, I guess what I’m saying is to be thankful that I am able to use this non-word “journaled”! Just think, you guys could have been forced to read that stuff — yikes! You’re welcome! 😛

By the way, I’ll be on the road this morning but you can expect something shnazzy this afternoon!

– Brittany Rose

PS: I have been thinking about doing a post called “The People of Subway” that talks about all of the crazy requests that I get (on a daily basis), as a Sandwich Artist. Think about it. Tell me what you think. Have your people contact my people — and yes, I am my people.


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