365 Days of Poetry — Day 172 — Not Even the Sun Could Save Her

She grew up among the stars,
Free to roam without the fear of harm.
It’s where she learned to fly,
To let it go and give it to the night.

But with every light beside her way,
It’s the smallest of void that led her astray.
It’s the darkest of secrets, still buried deep,
That kills her each morning when awakened from sleep.

– Brittany Rose

Author’s notes: This is another poem that is based on a prompt that was given by Maggie Elizabeth. This week’s prompt was “He (she) grew up among…”. I ran from there. In case I haven’t shared before, I adore prompts. I feel like they are a fun way to see what direction everyone goes with the same information given. It is one of the best ways to speak among the crowd. So, if you share my love, or have never taken part of one before, I’d encourage you to take this same prompt and let your pen flow. If you are interested in submitting to Maggie Elizabeth for her weekly competition (as I do), your post must be done by 6pm tonight and linked to this post of hers. Also, here is her page with the prompt submission rules.

If you do decide to write, I would love to have a read. Seriously, it’s the best part about prompts, so please either send me a link to your blog and/or post it here. (: 


One thought on “365 Days of Poetry — Day 172 — Not Even the Sun Could Save Her

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