This is a post from my wonderful boyfriend’s photography blog. Help him decide which photo he should submit in a photography competition coming up. As an artist I suppose all forms of art; as a girlfriend I support my significant other and his amazing talents. (:

Lesser Photography

I am in need of your help. Black+White Photography (based in the UK) is holding a black and white photographer of the year competition. I, being the adventurous and care-free individual that I am, have decided to enter for kicks and grins. Now, I can choose from about three categories to enter into: This Is Life, The Human Spirit, The Living World. My goal is not to win anything, but just to enjoy my art. Below are some of the photos I was considering to enter and I would like your opinion on them. Also, feel free to choose other photos that you think may be better!

P.S: The watermarks would obviously be removed.


David 🙂

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