Just so you know…


Other than some major school work, I have nothing to do tomorrow! What does that mean? That means that I should actually get a little bit of time to do some creative writing! And hey, maybe I’ll post that descriptive essay that I had to write for my Creative Writing course…we shall see. It probably all depends on whether or not it is graded by tomorrow or not; I am weary about posting school work that isn’t marked as complete. The last thing I need is an unlikely double submission of the same essay. Not worth it. Anyway, graded essay or not, you will hear from me tomorrow! So, until then, lovies, I bid thee well.

Stay awesome,
Brittany Rose

Post Script: I bought some awesome poetry books from BAM today, so you will probably hear some brief news about that, tomorrow, after I take some time to soak them up. That is all. Resume human behavior.



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