Untitled Short Story — 82912


              This is the place I fell in love: with the sturdy, wet sand beneath my feet; the trails of grainy paths to and from the shore; the thunderous sound of the crashing waves, so strong they make your body shake. This is the place: where the bluest of skies quickly fades to a darkened gray, and the thick rumbling clouds caress the skyline. It’s about to rain. I can tell because, like many times before, the air is no longer empty. It is full of life, bringing every sense to play.

                The nose now smells the musky, salted air. It’s the smell of history: rain that has come and gone before. The tongue now tastes every inhale: a mixture of salt and sand, sautéed with the hope of renewing showers. The eyes are now caught by surprise: a spectacle of light just above the water and yet still in the sky. The ears have it best, however, for they dwell in the symphony of the skies, earth, and soul. They hear the rhythm of the clashing thunder with the cymbals of the sea – a crescendo with every ebb and flow. They even hear blood pumping in the veins, being pushed through one side of the heart and out the other, humming with the excitement of new life. Lastly, the welcoming embrace of the warm, summer sun quickly flees as an army of wind gusts in its place. A chill grips the spine and sends every hair on alert. As I said, it’s about to rain.

                It’s in the rain that I found love so many years ago, and it’s here, in the rain, that love still surrounds me. Even in the midst of a brewing storm — waves swelling with emotion, the sky transforming from its welcoming blue to an anger-filled gray, the chill of the wind taking place of the company of warmth, the cold teardrops of an ancient sky gently washing your own, and the lonesomeness of an uninhabited shore – love is still here. It’s places like this, where the seams of the earth are woven together, that love never leaves. And it’s places like this that I will always love.

– Brittany Rose

Author’s notes: This is technically a descriptive essay. Even more specifically, it is a scene for a possible story. This is all that was required for the assignment, however, so this is what I wrote. I’m not even sure I’d want to expound. Right now I am quite content with it’s ambiguity. Only the future will tell what comes of this, I suppose.  I know that I don’t share this sort of stuff too often; I usually just post the poetry. I guess I’m still kind of wary about posting my longer work. I would be more than a little peeved if Swiper the fox somehow found my work and got it published before me. Anyway, please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, remarks, etc. I am all about feedback! Thanks for stopping by. (:



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