No Writing = No Living.

(Image found on Pinterest: Artist Unknown)
That kitty is a good example of me without my writing. lol

Yes, that can be summed up as Writing = Life and that the opposites still apply. I had the brilliant idea to not force myself to write, because I’ve been so busy, when I know for a fact that I need to. For all of those that are clueless, writing is more than something that I am good at. Writing keeps me from loosing all of my marbles. It’s like cheap therapy. So, what have I learned the last couple of weeks?

  1. Working over 30 hours a week while being a full-time student is hard.
  2. It’s even more difficult when your significant other is an hour away.
  3. Giving up on your stress reliever because you don’t have time is the stupidest idea you could ever have.
  4. Requesting days off from work in order to have a real date with your love is weird.
  5. All of these things will make you realize that life before work was bliss that shouldn’t have been taken advantage of.

So, this is me saying that you should hear from me more than once a week, because I should be writing more than that. Unless of course I decide to give myself up to the crazies. (; Thank you once again for your patience with me!

You guys rock those shnazzy socks,
Brittany Rose

PS: I apologize for how unenthusiastic this post sounds. I am running off of only a little sleep and a crashing test high. ha


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