365 Days of Poetry — Day 186

Press me — my heart — through the sieve of Your Words.
Turn me into pulp; make me something more
than I am. Drown my voice and make the audible Yours.
Over-write my being and drench my body in Your Words.

– Brittany Rose

Authors Notes: I so wish that I could stay and write. Seriously, today is one of those days where I could create something truly amazing — but alas, I have class. My creative timing is impeccable. It either hits me just before I have to leave, or it hits me at 3 am when I refuse to write, for fear of not being able to sleep at all. What has my life become? REFUSING TO WRITE? It is madness. — And here I go, ready to start a creative non-fiction piece on the thoughts of a tormented writer. Gah, I’m outie. 


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