Election Day USA 2012!

If you are just now learning that today is the day where it’s up to us who runs the Big Show (aka America), you are getting a bit of a late start here, buddy! Regardless, run to the polls!! Notice the spelling: p-o-l-l-s — not p-o-l-e-s. I am not advocating accident-prone concussions or strip clubs, my good people. I am reminding you of your right, one that many don’t have. So, regardless of the party you affiliated yourself with, regardless of all of the controversial tactics and promises of the candidates, go do your thing. Go vote.

Now that I have motivated you to continue reading this by mobile, instead in your desk chair at work, I will tell you about my voting experience! I was a first-time voter, today! Woohoo! Granted, I live in a small town where I was able to show up ten minutes before the polls opened, and still manage to be the third in my district to vote, but hey, it was exciting! There’s something about seeing “democracy in action”, as Neal Conan, from NPR, artfully put it. It’s liberating. I get an extra dose of dopamine on days like today. I get all giddy and remember that I, we, truly are blessed to have the freedom to do such a miraculous thing. So, I’ve embraced it full-force. I even snapped a photo with my “I voted” sticker!

…and yes, this is my morning face and hair. I literally rolled out of bed, put on a jacket and jeans, brushed my teeth, and left. It was before 6:30. Give a girl a break, eh? (:

Good news for voters and non-voters alike! After today, we will no longer be pestered with annoying propaganda such as these:


Thanks for stopping by, and tolerating my love for cats on all occasions! I pray that, whatever your decision — whether to vote democratic or republican, independent or not at all — that your day be awesome and filled with some sort of calming excitement like mine.

Stay shnazzy, my readers,
Brittany Rose (:


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