I am burnt out right now.

Honestly, right now I am working on my novella for my Creative Writing class, while also preparing original, never-before-seen poems for the Cincinnati Review. There are deadlines for both of these, and they seem to be coming much faster than anticipated, even though I’ve known the dates from the very beginning. I guess when you throw on all of my other classes and a full-time job, things become a little more hectic.

I miss the days when posting on this blog was easy. Now I never know what to share, what to keep for publishing, and when to even find time to muster something up. Talk about frustration…

– Brittany Rose


One thought on “I am burnt out right now.

  1. It’s amazing how much time there isn’t in a day. It seems like we can do it all, but then bed time happens and most of it isn’t done. Hang in there.

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