I will always buy books…

“I will always buy books, in spite of not having time to read them immediately. Even if I have to wait until retirement to read the majority, at least I will have them, for I will never let such a pity excuse deprive me the luxury of possibilities.”

– Brittany Rose

I personally will always have a thing for used books, because I feel like they are a story in themselves, also because I always seem to find interesting things in them. One time I found a bookmark from the Library of Congress. Just recently, I found a laminated bookmark that had facts from the year 1898 printed on it. Apparently, 10 lbs. of potatoes would  only cost you 16 cents. It’s interesting.


2 thoughts on “I will always buy books…

  1. I LOVE finding used books with other people’s notes in them. I immediately want to buy a book because someone loved it enough to actually write in the margins, or star, or highlight. I couldn’t agree with you more. I love the idea of your bookmark and what a random year.

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