Aaaaand go!

Today is “countdown ’til I’m twenty” day, as well as “countdown ’til I’m out of this God-forsaken town” day. I suppose it goes without mentioning that this is a pretty great milestone/countdown. Tomorrow I leave my teenage years behind me and, four days after that, I move away from home for the very first time.



I love my family, as well as the many memories that I’ve made with them here, however, I am ready to get the ball rolling on my own. Simply put, this is the major step into doing just that. (: As for turning twenty, well, that’s just fun to say! Also, in one year my car insurance will go down — so, HAAAAAAYYYYY!

On top of all of that, I have always given Dave (boyfriend) a hard time about dating someone older than him (1 month 1 days), and so the time between tomorrow and July 14th will be even better. Twenty compared to any teenage year such MUCH cooler. Just saying. (;

Stay shnazzy,
Brittany Rose

PS: If all goes well, I’ll post some literature about growing up, tomorrow. So, stay turned just in case, eh?


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