About Brittany Rose

Name: Brittany Rose
Age: 21
Statement: Follower of Jesus

I’m the girl behind the words; the one whose heart is plastered in every piece you’ll read. I’m the one who lives in a metaphor and finds solace in a pen. Every word I write is part of who I am — undeniably. It doesn’t take long to get lost in a writing, but takes forever to find my way out.

Random things I love: writing, music, playing the piano, good books, blogging, compelling conversations, friends, twitter, cats, driving, board/card games, word games, game shows that require wits (ex: Jeopardy), computers, learning, watching people, listening to jazz with my boyfriend and when I write, blackout poetry, modern art, coffee, hot tea, spending hours in a book store, frozen yogurt, vegetables, texting, and laughing/making people laugh.

Feel free to have a look around and say hello. (:


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