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Let Me Love You (Poem)

Like waves I consume you whole,
pushing my own might and will against your own.
I overwhelm your senses
just as your ability to refuse my love ceases to exist.

You are independent.

You think on your own.

I am needing you.

I am trying to make you see

that you are not alone in this.

Happy Birthday (Poem)

Age: just a number;
Numbers: just symbols —

Numbers to count the years,
the unforgettable nights and then the tears.
Symbols to remind us of nothing
or everything that has given us life.

Air — blood — rushing through veins,
and skin encasing the meat and nerves within.

It is life.
It is wealth.
It is every year.

– Brittany Rose

Author’s Notes: I know I said to expect this the other day, but hey, I tried. Better late than never, no? (:

Sonnet 1 (Poetry)

Empty in my thought of losing your great love does show;
Is the mind of wretched souls at last despised by all that know
Of beauty and love so exposed to a heart that beats as yours,
And encompassed by perfection in whose wrongs keep no score.

I, unworthy of your flawless presence here yet so,
Lay hungry on your breath still seeking life I’m yet to ever know.
You, in doing nothing but be and give of life from above
Meet the challenges of mortal beings still searching for enough.

But there your outward arms of pure-stained life does go,
For death, when even then in me, cannot thrive amidst your glow.
For in you lies no hungry illness, stricken with not with multiplying cells,
And in my natural form, am I not separate from your being, purged in my own hell.

But there and here you gave it all away, the chance of immortalized life,
Just to see our souls there linger, in the face of innumerably burdened strife.
Opened to the sore of loves infectious spread and bound illegal bonds,
You gave yourself unto my life, fearless of said hungry waters of her pond.

– Brittany Rose

Author’s Notes: This is the first sonnet I have ever written, and, in fact, I’m not even sure it is TECHNICALLY a sonnet. How about this, it is my best attempt at one. (; I actually really enjoyed it, despite it being one of the longest I’ve put to paper. I’m usually much more keen to shorter poems. However, I hope you enjoy it, whatever it may or may not be. (: