Let Me Love You (Poem)

Like waves I consume you whole,
pushing my own might and will against your own.
I overwhelm your senses
just as your ability to refuse my love ceases to exist.

You are independent.

You think on your own.

I am needing you.

I am trying to make you see

that you are not alone in this.



“We are kept and purchased by death, wasting away and weeping to kill again.” -Brittany Rose

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And Let the Toll Rise

And Let the Toll Rise

And Let the Toll Rise “Carved on nameless faces was fear streaked with red.” -Brittany Rose 8/8/13

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You’ve Taken All of Me (Poem)

Someone please explain to me how my groping mind is still empty, and how every loose end is still hanging from the lynching tree, raw with a night of prejudicial fun. Because here I am, bits of me everywhere, completely infatuated with who I’ve become, and there you are: the sun. With a light like yours, it’s no wonder the stars have hung up their gun, because the flames from your heart have already shot Orion down, and your name will be like death that’s already come and gone.