Come Back to Me (Poem)

Hello and goodbye,
Dear. Fly away and give it time.
Take my love and let it grow,
Dear, ferment passion and let it show
Upon return. Give me all you are
And I will give the same, near or far.

– Brittany Rose

Writer’s Notes: Today I sent my love off to Chicago. This, I guess, is the product of already missing him. How pathetic does it make me if he’ll only be gone until late Saturday night, and I already miss him? Yea… Also, I may be a little jealous as he is enjoying the snow and I am currently sweating in Florida. (; It’s funny how different/better my poems are when I am truly inspired. Thanks for stopping by, and Davey, I love you bunches. ❤


Serendipitous Love (poem)

We are employed by a serendipitous love,
Spread out across seas and continents,
Searching for a home of our own.

We are beating with a simultaneous rhythm,
Drawn out through the time that is given,
And simply looking for ribs to settle back into.

We are seeing with a lens that is searching,
Twisting and turning to focus on one specific point,
And we are dizzily finding our ground — in each other.

We are madly and hopelessly in love.
We are capable.
We are free.
We are one.

– Brittany Rose

Old News (poem)

Pull out the day-old lint from your pocket
and rip out the eyes from your heavy laden sockets.
There’s nothing you can do with that;
it’s the gray-old placenta of the past.
It’s dead and gone to rest.
It’s frail bones, even at its best.

– Brittany Rose